INNA jam - Flavor King Pluot


Peggy first became intrigued by INNA Jam after being turned away from owner Dafna Kory's sell-out class on Meyer lemon marmalade. Proving there were no hard feelings, she and Dafna quickly struck up a friendship, and before long we were offering the Berkeley-based jam-maker's creations to our customers. Dafna's simple jams are made with minimal sugar, allowing the pure flavor of the sustainably-grown, locally-sourced fruit to shine through.

The flavor king is one of the earliest pluots bred by the Zaigers, who developed the pluot by crossing plums and apricots over several generations of fruit in their experimental orchard in Modesto. This superb varietal has the floral brightness of a plum and the nectary sweetness of an apricot. The complexity and depth of flavor of this fruit is astounding and lingers on the palate. This deep, sultry jam is wonderful stirred into Greek yogurt or baked into a tart.

Pluot is currently out for the season. Check back again next year!