Cypress Hill Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Expected release - mid Feb 2015.

After many years on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, Bob and Sharon Kahn recently relocated to Cypress Hill Farm, a beautiful 15 acre property high in the hills above Napa. Certified organic, the farm is home to 2,000 olive trees, 15,000 lavender plants (which are the basis for our Napa Valley Bath line) and several acres of Syrah grapes. In addition, the Kahns manage a large vegetable garden, a fruit orchard and produce lavender honey with their bee hives.

Cypress Hill olive oil is a blend of bold Italian Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Marianolo olives, fruity Spanish Mission and Manzanillos, as well as the mild, delicate flavor of French Picholines. The result is a thick, full-flavored oil that is mildly nutty with a lingering finish.