Citrus Honey

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Bees produce honey from the nectar of blooming plants, but the nectar of one flower will be different from that of another. In order to produce honeys from a particular type of blossom, beekeepers must painstakingly move their hives around throughout the growing season to ensure that their bees are only drinking the nectar of certain blooming plants. The result is distinctive honey that has the aroma, taste, texture and color reflective of a particular species of flower. 

Katz and Company's honeys are gathered directly from the hive. Because they are not pasteurized, they maintain the pure flavor and health benefits that are often lost in commercial honeys, which are typically heated to eliminate crystallization.

Gathered from California's Central Valley where citrus trees grow in abundance, Katz and Company's citrus blossom honey is pale with a sweet flavor. It is delicate enough for breakfast -- we recommend it on brioche or drizzled along with our Walnut Oil over Greek-style yogurt.